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Missouri statewide Democratic Party candidates have to run efficient campaigns. Billionaires and millionaires don’t tend to throw seven figure checks at them.

Teresa Hensley (D) [2016 file photo].

Teresa Hensley (D) [2016 file photo].

This past week at the Missouri Ethics Commission for Teresa Hensley’s 2016 campaign for Attorney General:

C151147 09/23/2016 TERESA HENSLEY FOR MISSOURI Electrical Workers Voluntary Political 5850 Elizabeth Ave Saint Louis MO 63110 9/22/2016 $10,000.00

C151147 09/29/2016 TERESA HENSLEY FOR MISSOURI Sheet Metal Workers Political Action League 1750 New York Ave NW Washington DC 20006 9/28/2016 $10,000.00

C151147 09/29/2016 TERESA HENSLEY FOR MISSOURI Democratic Attorneys General Association – Missouri 600 Washington Ave Ste 2500 St Louis MO 63101 9/28/2016 $400,000.00

C151147 09/30/2016 TERESA HENSLEY FOR MISSOURI International Association of Fire Fighters Local 42 PAC 6320 Manchester Ave Kansas City MO 64133 9/29/2016 $10,000.00

C151147 09/30/2016 TERESA HENSLEY FOR MISSOURI Eastern Missouri Laborers Educational and Benevolent Fund 3450 Hollenberg Dr Bridgeton MO 63044 9/29/2016 $50,000.00

C151147 09/30/2016 TERESA HENSLEY FOR MISSOURI UAW Region 5 Midwest States PAC 721 Dunn Rd Hazelwood MO 63042
9/29/2016 $5,100.00

C151147 09/30/2016 TERESA HENSLEY FOR MISSOURI IBEW PAC Voluntary Fund 900 7th St NW Washington DC 20001
9/30/2016 $25,000.00

[emphasis added]

Working people certainly do know what’s at stake in this election.

And, this week Jake Zimmerman (D) sent an e-mail to his supporters:

Dear Friends,
It’s been some time since August – and our campaign – ended.  And to say I’ve appreciated all the kind and supportive words so many of you have shared… well, that would be the understatement of the year.  Meanwhile, I’ve spent the past several weeks helping staff with transition, re-engaging with the fine folks in the County Assessor’s office, and (most importantly) enjoying quality time with Megan and Gabriel.

But there’s also a critically important moment of decision coming for our country and our state this November.  While my race is over for this year, I can’t sit on the sidelines.  None of us can.  This is too important.  So, before we turn out the lights, I have one final favor to ask of you.  I’d like to ask you to give your enthusiastic support to Teresa Hensley, our Democratic nominee for Attorney General.
Maybe you weren’t expecting me to say those words.  But here’s the thing: whatever our differences over the course of the past year, no one can argue with the facts of our choice in November.  Simply put, Teresa is eminently qualified for this job.  She has practiced law for 25 years – 10 as the elected prosecutor of Cass County, MO, just south of Kansas City.  During that time she built an impressive record of keeping the citizens of Cass County safe, with 21 murder convictions out of 21 cases and over 500 sexual assault, domestic violence, and child sex abuse convictions.  She put dangerous criminals in prison, but also effectively used alternative approaches like drug courts and DWI courts. She has hired, trained, and supervised attorneys to go into trial.  Teresa will be ready to be Attorney General on Day One.
By contrast, her opponent has no courtroom experience.  The central tenet of his campaign is his view that the Attorney General’s office should be a platform for ideological advocacy.  He has vowed to use the office to promote a narrow set of conservative values, rather than enforce the law on behalf of all Missourians.  Speaking only for myself, I’d much rather have a competent professional like Teresa as my Attorney General than an ill-prepared culture warrior.

If you feel the same way – and I hope you do – then you know what’s coming, and you know why it’s so important that I ask.  So: will you please join me in supporting Teresa Hensley?  

Thank you again for all your friendship and support.  It means the world to us.



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