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Stephen Webber (D) [2016 file photo].

Stephen Webber (D) [2016 file photo].

Stephen Webber’s (D) campaign has a new television ad out:

Stephen Webber (D): This is the last place I came before I deployed to Iraq. And the first when I came home.

Al Shattuck: Webber served two tours of duty in Iraq.

Al Barnes: He’s one of the best leaders I’ve ever had.

Voice: Webber was our squad leader and he definitely looked out for us.

Nic Gibbons: Webber always led from the front. He was the first vehicle, he’d lead on the patrol every single time. And he did it humbly, too.

Aaron Schulz: The reason he was in front is because if something happened he wanted to be the one up there that was in harm’s way.

Voice: When we first arrived in Fallujah it was a totally different world.

Voice: There was improvised explosive devices. We had snipers, firefights. It takes a real leader, someone like Webber that keeps his team and his squad on point all the time.

Bryan Miller: I was in the Humvee with Webber when we hit an IED. Forty pounds, C4.

Aaron Schulz: He got everybody home safe.

Voice: I believe in him as a person, as a leader, and as a friend.

Stephen Webber (D): No matter what I faced in Iraq or here at home, these names and the memory of their sacrifice humbles me and gives me the strength to serve.

[Stephen Webber for Missouri Senate]
[Paid for by Citizens for Stephen Webber, Barbara Schneider, Treasurer.]


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