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They believe they’re paying attention, but they’re not by any reasonable definition of the concept.

Yesterday afternoon, after the Missouri State Fair Governor’s Ham Breakfast, we posted a few photos on social media of candidates who attended the event. There was some interest in the image of Eric Greitens (r), the republican party nominee for Governor:


Mr. Truckerly ‏@truckerly
@EricGreitens You must change from within. Destroy established corruption and seek real change. You have my vote.
4:29 PM – 18 Aug 2016

Well, it is a nice photo.

A champion in the battle to fight corruption in Jefferson City (or wherever)? Think about that for a second. One would assume that we all agree that money is part of the problem.

So how does someone who’s not exactly a paragon of transparency when it comes to very, very large campaign contributions become a champion for the cause fighting excessive money in politics (we assume) in the minds of his supporters? Cognitive dissonance.

As for the rest of us, we’ve already determined what Mr. Greitens (r) is, now we’re just trying to figure out who’s haggling over the price.

Our original, on Twitter:


Michael Bersin ‏@MBersin
Eric Greitens (r) at the Missouri State Fair Governor’s Ham Breakfast this morning.
12:49 PM – 18 Aug 2016

Twitter “likes” include Jane Cunningham (r), Sarah Steelman (r) and Austin Chambers (campaign manager for Eric Greitens?). These individuals are not exactly supporters of our Show Me Progress point of view – at least two of them have been subjects of our posts over the years. We appreciate the irony in their approval of our photograph.


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