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Jason Kander’s (D) campaign has been running an ad discussing Roy Blunt’s Washington, D.C. record.

Jason Kander (D): I’m Jason Kander and I approve this message.

Announcer: Is Washington working for your family? After twenty years there it’s working great for Roy Blunt’s family. Senator Blunt voted to raise his own pay twelve times. He lives in a one point six million dollar D.C. Mansion. And his wife and three of his children are all lobbyists. When asked about the conflict of interest, Blunt said:

Roy Blunt: I, I, I don’t even understand why that would be a question.

Announcer: There is no question. Missouri needs a new senator.

[Paid for by DSCC and Missourians for Kander. Approved by Jason Kander.]



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