I’ve written before that Roy Blunt seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to Donald Trump. Joan McCarter over at the DailyKos, however, thinks he’s finally stepping into place as a committed  Trumpster:

Apparently Roy Blunt, Missouri, is just fine with Trump, and everything Trump might do, telling a crowd back home—featuring NRA bigwigs—”I could easily be the 51st Republican in the next Senate […] We are easily talking about whether the Senate is controlled by Republicans or controlled by Democrats. We’re easily talking about whether there’s a check and balance on a, god forbid, President Clinton, or somebody to help a President Trump.” He might just be the only Republican candidate to let the words “President Trump” pass his lips.

Stands to reason actually. Roy’s more open I’m-with-stupid stance follows Eric Greitens winning bid to be the GOP candidate. Greitens’ campaign showed beyond a doubt that Missourians are suckers for the Trump approach: tough talk, outsider talk, chest puffery, guns, more guns and dumb, but catchy slogans. Ol’ Roy’d be a fool if he didn’t begin to think that Trump might not be such a dead weight in Missouri as he apparently is in other states.

Now, The Turner Report argues that Greitens has gone full Trump on Chris Koster. Turner cites Greitens use of such Trump standbys as insulting, alliterative epithets (“Corrupt Chris”), false claims bordering on the absurd (Koster, currently the state’s Attorney General is, according to Greitens, solely responsible for the economic and educational decline of Missouri). And Greitens’s not doing too badly in the polls – only a few points behind Koster in recent polling. It’ll be interesting to see if Blunt warms up to Trump even more if this trend continues.