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First let me say that I find all the GOP nominees for Governor equally repellent and can only hope that our better angels prevail and Missourians refuse to give opportunistic Eric Greitens his first step up the political ladder (governorship, no less) in November. That said, I find the election returns very telling for another reason: Catherine Hanaway’s last place finish in the gubernatorial primary.

If I had to rank the GOP candidates in terms of qualifications (which includes their ability to convey some iota of intelligence), I would put Hanaway and then Greitens at the top of the list, followed by bumbling Brunner, and, coming in last, poor Peter Kinder. Yet which of these sterling candidates did Missouri Republicans kick to last place? The very highly qualified woman, of course, Catherine Hanaway.

Hanaway was so superior to her competitors that even the St. Louis Post-Dispatch gave her their endorsement for the primary, arguing that only she had “shown herself by word and deed to be worthy of the state’s top post.” (Although, it’s always possible, given the new GOP tribalism, that an endorsement from a putatively liberal newspaper actually hurt her.) She had big money support too, most notably millions from would-be GOP kingmaker, Rex Sinquefield. Yet even the low-budget doofus, Kinder, beat her by 5,148 votes (141,498 to 136,350).

So do you think gender shouldn’t be a consideration when we evaluate support for other female candidates in this year’s general election, Hillary Clinton for sure, but also, here in Missouri, political candidates like Teresa Hensley who won the Democratic nomination for Attorney General? Just saying … if it walks like a duck …