Yes, it is that season.


Amateurs and their conventional wisdom tell us that all campaigns must have 4×8 signs on every corner and yard signs in every yard. There is no bigger waste of campaign resources and time than that spent on designing, acquiring, erecting and distributing signs. Period.

But conventional wisdom always triumphs and we continue to see those signs spring up in the month before any election, primary or general.

A portion of the sign clutter at a busy intersection.

A portion of the sign clutter at a busy intersection.

More of the clutter.

More of the clutter.

That all being said, there is probably nothing more fun (legally) in a campaign than working on a 4×8 sign crew. That is if the ground isn’t harder than concrete because it hasn’t rained in two months.

One of my favorite sign locations was also one of the most short lived (in 2008):


….This particular sign placement is an aesthetic triumph. A bucolic rural setting on a well traveled rolling road. You can see the sign at the crest of the hill from at least a half mile away. There are a number of small McCain-Palin yard signs along the road from Knob Noster to this point.

I relish insult signage…..

The sign lasted less than twenty-four hours. There were skid marks on Missouri Highway 23.


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