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Oh, please let it be so. I know that we’re all at the mercy of bought-and-sold politicians everyday, but GOP Senator Roy Blunt has so little respect for the people who vote for him, that he doesn’t even try to hide the sold sign. What it would it be like to have a Senator who worked for us and not for Montsanto-AT&T-Exon-etc.? At least ostensibly.

For that matter, if we (the people) manage to get Hillary Clinton (the assured candidate, I am assured by all) into the White House, she’ll need a few more Democrats in Congress and those in the know say that the Senate is the place where it can happen – only five Senate seats need to be flipped. (I know – Clinton could use lots more Democrats in the House as well, but that’s likely a fever dream.) And best of all would be if one of the Democratic Senate upgrades could be Jason Kander, Roy Blunt’s challenger. I’ll be more than happy to see ol’ Roy to slink off to lobbyist paradise to reap the rewards for his untiring efforts on behalf of his heretofore unofficial clients.

So it is with real delight that I read this little NPR snippet from an article which identifies the nine most vulnerable senators. And number eight is:

8. Missouri (R-Blunt): This contest in the Show Me State might be the dark-horse contest to watch. Democrats got one of their best recruits this cycle when Secretary of State Jason Kander jumped in the race. Even Republicans privately admit that the 34-year-old Afghanistan veteran worries them running against Sen. Roy Blunt, whom Democrats are eager to paint as too much of a Washington insider. If Missouri comes in play in the presidential race, this one could quickly give Republicans a huge headache.

Our job, it is clear, is to do whatever necessary to help move ol’ Roy even higher on the list. And to help us, we have Roy Blunt himself who is steadfastly refusing to do his constitutionally mandated job and meet with, fairly consider, and vote on Supreme Court Nominee Judge Merrick Garland. Republican truculence over the Supreme Court is not going unnoticed and, since over 60% of Americans disapprove GOP of obstruction on this matter, attracts unwelcome attention to already vulnerable pols:

Obama appeared on several local TV stations Monday afternoon making the case for Garland. No surprise, they were in markets with vulnerable Senate Republicans who Democrats are trying to pressure to move on the nomination — or pay a steep electoral price. […] Obama also sat with stations in Phoenix; Manchester, New Hampshire; Cincinnati; Kansas City, Missouri; and Des Moines, Iowa. [Bolding added]

There’ll be lots of corporate money in the mix this year, and we know that Blunt’s client base will probably put up to keep Blunt up, but now that he’s been identified as a weak link, the pressure to topple him will also escalate. And what a lovely sight Humpty Dumpty’s fall would be.