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The former Secretary of Defense, today, via Twitter:


Donald Rumsfeld ‏@RumsfeldOffice
At 83, I am close to losing hope that I will live to see a flat tax. 9:05 AM – 18 Apr 2016

And some of the responses:


jeff rotkoff ‏@jrotkoff
.@RumsfeldOffice – you go to war with the tax structure you have, not the tax structure you want. (PS you are a very bad person) 9:16 AM – 18 Apr 2016


maria lia calvo ‏@MariaLiaCalvo
@RumsfeldOffice At 41, I am close to losing hope that you will ever be tried for war crimes. 9:36 AM – 18 Apr 2016


Tara ♥‏@lashiec
@RumsfeldOffice We had to fund your shitty war, heaven forbid you might someday have to actually fund your own war crimes, cripes. 10:31 AM – 18 Apr 2016


John the Vaptist ‏@DamnManly
Hey at least you got to see a flat Iraq @RumsfeldOffice 10:00 AM – 18 Apr 2016

That’s just a small sample, there’s plenty more.


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