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Hoover: Kent is a legacy, Otter. His brother was a ’59, Fred Dorfman.
Flounder: He said legacies usually get asked to pledge automatically.
Otter: Oh, well, usually. Unless the pledge in question turns out to be a real closet-case.
Otter, Boon: Like Fred.

Jay Ashcroft (r) [August 2015 file photo].

Jay Ashcroft (r) [August 2015 file photo].

Yesterday at the Missouri Ethics Commission for Jay Ashcroft’s 2016 campaign for Secretary of State:

C151004 03/21/2016 ASHCROFT FOR MISSOURI Cape Radiology Group 70 Doctors Park Cape Girardeau MO 63703 3/21/2016 $10,000.00

[emphasis added]

We can’t wait to look for all the grassroots support in the next quarterly campaign finance report…


C151004 03/23/2016 ASHCROFT FOR MISSOURI Curtis Richardson 401 W. Mountain Ave. Suite 200 Fort Collins CO 80521 Blue Ocean Enterprises, Inc. Chairman 3/23/2016 $10,000.00

[emphasis added]

C151004 03/23/2016 ASHCROFT FOR MISSOURI CNS Corporation 500 E. 9th St. Kansas City MO 64106 3/23/2016 $90,000.00

[emphasis added]


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