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Our favorite photo of Representative Jeremy LaFaver (D) on the floor of the House:

Representative Jeremy LaFaver (D) (left) on the floor of the House on May 6, 2014.

Representative Jeremy LaFaver (D) (left) on the floor of the House on May 6, 2014.

Today, via Facebook:

Jeremy LaFaver

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing today that I will not be seeking re-election this November. Nearly 5 years ago I sought this office in an attempt to help make Missouri, and Kansas City specifically, a great place to live, work, learn and play. Since that time I have knocked on thousands of doors, talked to thousands of individuals, and have done my very best to represent the desires and wishes of the wonderful people who elected me to two full terms in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Also since that time, I have welcomed two new people into my life, my daughters Isabelle and Caroline. While my love for Kansas City has never been stronger, and my desire to serve and make our community the best it can be will never falter, my desire to spend more quality time with my young family outweighs it all.

I do not know what lies ahead for me professionally – there is plenty of time for that in the coming months. For now, I look forward to the next 10 months fighting for the things the people of Kansas City have asked me to fight for. And in January of 2017, I look forward to returning to private life and spending more time at home with my family while continuing to help make our community great.

I want to thank the hundreds of people who have supported my campaigns through donations, volunteer hours, and of course through your votes. Together I believe we accomplished many great things – with a few more still on the horizon this legislative session. Since getting elected I have fought successfully to make child care safer and more affordable in our state, I have helped advance sensible tax policy like the Earned Income Tax Credit, and have ushered through legislation to improve our juvenile justice system in Missouri. This year I’m focused on reforming the way we elect the President of the United States, allocating resources to help child victims of abuse and neglect, and improving civics education outcomes in the state. There will always be more work to be done, but I am proud of the accomplishments of the last few years and I hope those of you who have supported me feel proud of the important role you played in making these things happen as well.

Serving in the Legislature continues to be a tremendous privilege and I am forever grateful to the folks who sent me here on their behalf. I look forward to working tirelessly over the next 10 months to do good things in Jefferson City. And after that, I look forward to spending the childhood years of my children a little closer to home.

With tremendous appreciation,