Via Twitter from Brad Bradshaw, one of the Democratic Party candidates for Lieutenant Governor in 2016:


Dr. Brad Bradshaw ‏@bradshawformo
I have suspended my campaign for Missouri Lt. Gov. – statement here: 12:36 PM – 28 Jan 2016

The release from his campaign:

For Immediate Release:
Dr. Bradshaw suspends campaign for Missouri Lieutenant Governor

I want to thank all of the people who have supported my campaign and initiative petition efforts. Words cannot express how deep my appreciation. However, the hard analysis of the recent developments of Russ Carnahan entering the Lieutenant Governor’s race, the relationship between Carnahan and Koster, and several competing medical marijuana initiative petitions have caused me conclude that this election cycle is not the best for either a campaign for the Lieutenant Governor’s office or for the medical marijuana initiative. I am therefore suspending both campaigns for this election cycle. I wish all of my supporters the best, the best for our state and nation, and hope the outcome of this election moves us in that direction.