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Or exiled to the fourth floor gallery. A rule change, filed yesterday in the Missouri Senate:

SR 1181 Proposed Rule Change – Rule 16 reallocates use of reporters’ table in Senate Chamber
Sponsor: Richard
LR Number: 5617S.02I Fiscal Notes
Last Action: 1/7/2016 – Resolutions Calendar–SR 1181-Richard Journal Page:

Title: Calendar Position: 1
Effective Date: Upon approval

SR 1181 – This Senate Rule change provides that, beginning March 29, 2016, the press table in the Senate Chamber shall no longer be used the press and shall instead be available for use by Senators’ staff and Senate staff. Reporters wishing to view the proceedings of the Senate shall do so from a reserved space in the fourth floor gallery. Laptop computers may be used by Senators’ staff and Senate staff at the newly designated “staff table”.

Uh, welcome to the diminished access club. Losing a bit of access sort of sucks, doesn’t it? Our advice: invest in set of binoculars.


SB 694: See where sucking up to them gets you? (January 24, 2012)