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A combination of football and public protest will do that.

This morning two members of the Missouri House, Representative Jeremy LaFaver (D) and Representative Caleb Jones (r) engaged in a conversation about the University of Missouri via Twitter:


Jeremy LaFaver ‏@jeremylafaver
It will be interesting to see if MU caves to the latest legislative temper tantrum. Their lobbying team is knocking it out of the park…. 8:44 AM – 5 Jan 2016


Caleb Jones ‏@calebmjones
@jeremylafaver not a temper tantrum. You have kids. Is that who you want teaching them? You should sign up [….] 8:45 AM – 5 Jan 2016

Really? A member of the Missouri General Assembly pushes an anonymous web site attacking two faculty at the University of Missouri on the same morning that domain and web site go up?

You know, if someone in the field of communications made a mistake, acknowledged that mistake, and apologized for it do you think they could offer salient observations about the experience, what they learned, and the processes of modern media to students?

There are several other tweets in the exchange. And, a few times, others joined in:


Eli Yokley ‏@eyokley
@calebmjones @jeremylafaver I think it’s fascinating how the #CoMo delegation has completely flipped its tactics toward @Mizzou since I left 9:24 AM – 5 Jan 2016

Micromanagement will do that.


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