Guess who’s number 9 in Hotline’s list of the most competitive 2016 Senate races. If you guessed corporate toady Roy Blunt, you’d be right. Here’s what Hotline has to say about the race between Blunt and Democratic challenger Jason Kander:

Among Demo­crats this year, the Mis­souri Sen­ate race has evolved from an af­ter­thought to the trendy up­set pick of 2016. The change is thanks to Sec­ret­ary of State Jason Kander, a 34-year-old Army vet­er­an whose fresh face and hawk­ish for­eign policy have put the in­cum­bent Blunt on the de­fens­ive. Of course, Kander re­mains a long shot in a state that hasn’t backed a Demo­crat­ic pres­id­en­tial can­did­ate since Bill Clin­ton in 1996, even if Blunt’s lob­by­ist ties and long ten­ure in Wash­ing­ton make him an in­vit­ing tar­get. Demo­crats are hope­ful that a strong chal­lenge in a red state will force Re­pub­lic­ans to spend real money in a place that should have been a GOP strong­hold.

We shouldn’t be too excited yet – Blunt’s a cagey character who surely  inspires plenty of monetary loyalty from the plutocrat class after his years of lickspittle servitude. Nevertheless, it is a fact that his bought and sold persona – along with his poorly hidden disdain for the crazies who crawled out from under rocks to form the Tea Party – has even turned off lots of GOPers in Missouri. Remember how the Tea Partiers  went after their beloved Michelle Bachman when she bowed to reality and endorsed Blunt in 2010?

Meanwhile one can dream. “Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly, loverly, loverly, loverly, loverly… ” if Roy Blunt went bye bye and his is the departure that shifts the Senate away from the deluded conservative clowns who, in their efforts to drown government in the bathtub,  have blighted our nations’ prospects over most of this young century?