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Judy Baker (D) [2013 file photo].

Judy Baker (D) [2013 file photo].

Judy Baker (D) made her official announcement for State Treasurer today:

For Immediate Release
DECEMBER 7, 2015


Statewide Coalition Backs Baker to Make Change for MO

Community Leaders Endorse Former Columbia State Representative for Missouri Treasurer

COLUMBIA – Citing statewide support, State Representative Judy Baker today formally launched her campaign for State Treasurer. Under the banner “Make Change”, Baker will seek to make Missouri’s money work for everybody, not just a few.

“We need to make change in Missouri. We need to invest Missouri’s money in Missouri’s people. For too long families have struggled to get ahead because of lack of access to resources to buy homes, start businesses, or secure a postsecondary education. Now more than ever we need leaders who will make every tax dollar go further and do more,” Baker said on her announcement.

“By focusing on transparency and economic development, we will make Missouri taxpayers a priority again. An annual report card will make state government accountable to taxpayers while leveraging innovative financial incentives will encourage economic development in our state’s lagging economy. It’s time for Missouri taxpayers to get ahead and we can do it while keeping our tax dollars safe and putting them to work for Missouri’s middle-class families,” Baker concluded.

Baker enters the race with a broad base of support having earned the endorsement of community leaders from every corner of Missouri. Pointing to her longtime commitment to Missouri taxpayers, supporters applaud Baker’s entrance into the race and her campaign to make change.

“I am proud to join leaders from across Missouri in supporting Judy Baker for Missouri Treasurer. She has put Missouri citizens first her entire career and her commitment to transparency and economic development is sorely needed in state government. Treasurer Clint Zweifel has done a good job of protecting public funds and Judy is the right person to continue this commitment to integrity. Judy’s common-sense approach to financial management will not only safeguard but grow taxpayer dollars, putting them to work for Missouri families,” said St Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones.

Former Missouri State Senator Wes Shoemyer from Monroe said, “As long as I have known Judy, her commitment to creating opportunity in rural areas is a core value. She’ll make a profoundly strong advocate for all Missouri’s people as State Treasurer.”

Judy Baker for State Treasurer Endorsement List

Treasurer Tishaura Jones, STL
State Senator Kiki Curls, KC
State Senator Jason Holsman, KC
State Senator Jamilah Nasheed, STL
State Rep Vicki Englund, STL
State Rep Kip Kendrick, Columbia
State Rep Jeanne Kirkton, STL
State Rep Karla May, STL
State Rep Tracy McCreery, STL
State Rep-Elect DaRon McGee, KC
State Rep Margo McNeil, STL
State Rep Stacey Newman, STL
State Rep Charlie Norr, Springfield
State Rep Stephen Webber, Columbia
Mayor Mike Corcoran, St Ann
Commissioner Dan Atwill, Boone County
Commissioner Karen Miller, Boone County
Crystal Williams, Jackson County Legislator
Mike Backer, Democratic State Committee, Callaway County
Jerry Caldwell, Democratic State Committee, Kirksville
Bob Levine, Democratic State Committee, STL County
Diana Scott, Democratic State Committee, Macon County
Art Cole, Chair, 25th Senatorial Democratic Committee
Dora Cole, 25th Senatorial Democratic Committee
Clara Ichord, Committeewoman, 16th Senatorial Democratic Committee
Bob Cecil, Chair, Ray County Democrats
Homer Page, Chair, Boone County Democrats
Former Senator Joan Bray, STL
Former Senator Chuck Graham, Columbia
Former Senator Joe Moseley, Columbia
Former Senator Wes Shoemyer, Monroe County
Former Rep Gracia Backer, Callaway County
Former Rep Ted Farnen, Columbia
Former Rep Tim Harlan, Columbia
Former Rep Beth Low, KC
Former Rep Jenee Lowe, KC
Former Rep Rebecca McClanahan, Kirksville
Former Rep Eileen McGeoghegan, STL
Former Rep Jeanette Mott Oxford, STL
Former Rep Trent Skaggs, North Kansas City
Former Rep Mary Still, Columbia
Former Rep Deleta Williams, Johnson County
Former Rep Vicky Wilson, Columbia
Former County Commissioner Ann Schroeder, Franklin
Former Rep Ed Wildberger, Buchanan County
Randy Fish, Canton
Irene Fish, Canton
Bruce and Nancy Wilson, Columbia


Judy Baker is a longtime advocate for Missouri’s taxpayers. In the Missouri House of Representatives she served as the ranking member of the budget, health care, and education committees. She later served as Director of the Midwest region for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Baker previously taught Economics at Columbia College, as well as Health Policy at the University of Missouri, and is a senior fellow with the innovation accelerator Governing Institute. Baker now works as the managing partner for a consulting firm and has served as CEO for various private businesses. She lives in Columbia, MO with her husband John.


Judy Baker (D) is running for State Treasurer in 2016 (October 2, 2015)