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That was then:

“Eric Greitens didn’t call me back.”

“Never mind what I wrote last time…”

This is now:

Steve Kraske: Missouri governor candidate Eric Greitens shines brightly in new book
October 15, 2015

Eric Greitens hasn’t asked, but here’s my two cents about the next step he should take in his fledgling campaign for Missouri governor.

Send your aides out to buy as many copies of the new book Charlie Mike as you can get your hands on. With more than a million bucks in the bank, your campaign can afford a few.

Spend all that dough on the book and pass ’em out instead of doughnuts at campaign stops….

As if there’s any substantive policy differences from any other republican running for governor in Missouri in 2016?:

Greitens jumps into Missouri gov race with money advantage; Brunner on deck
September 27, 2015 1:00 am • By Kevin McDermott

….The campaign released a list of a positions last week in advance of Saturday’s announcement. Among his positions: “Defund Planned Parenthood,” “Protect our religious liberties,” “Sign right-to-work legislation” and “oppose tax increases….”

Not like the other folks, eh?


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