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Since Democratic Senator Ted House completed his term in 2002, not one St. Charles County’s state senator has completed their full term. Only Republican senators have been elected since then, and they have all quit early choosing personal gain over their sworn duty to serve their constituents.

The latest Republican quitter is Senator Tom Dempsey who has been purchased by billionaire Rex Sinquefield to do his bidding as an insider lobbyist. Instead of doing his best for over 200,000 residents of our county, Dempsey has cashed in his chips for personal profit and kissed the foot of an autocratic want-to-be king.

Unfortunately for citizens of St. Charles County, Dempsey is just another in an ever lengthening list of St. Charles County Republicans who have deserted their posts early for their own monetary advantage. Republicans have a sordid history of running up the white flag of surrender more often than the French Army.

In 2005, Sen. Jon Dolan quit for the well paid cushy job of lobbyist for the Missouri Healthcare Association. In May of 2007, Dempsey’s predecessor Sen. Chuck Gross bailed out early when his mentor former Senator and now County Executive Steve Ehlmann made him an offer he couldn’t refuse to become Director of Administration for St. Charles County.

Perhaps the greediest of the quitters was former Senator Scott Rupp.  In the middle of last year’s legislative session, Rupp summarily quit to take an appointment to the Missouri Public Service Commission.  This part time job pays a whopping $105,570 while still allowing Rupp to keep his patronage banking job.

It shouldn’t be lost on voters, three of these quitters, Dempsey, Gross, and Rupp all took jobs as vice presidents of banks while in office even though none had degrees in finance or any banking experience. So their hands were getting well greased before they actually quit.

Add to these senatorial quitters two key house members. In 2007, former House Pro Tem Carl Bearden walked out on his constituents to also follow the green money trail of Rex Sinquefield. Then in 2010, Sally Faith promised not to run for Mayor of St. Charles if citizens would reelect her to the House. Six months later she was sworn in as mayor.

The picture is clear for voters. The Republicans they have been electing to do the people’s work are more about their own financial futures than the future of St. Charles County.