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* from a comment at Balloon Juice.

Yesterday, in Florida:

Hillary Clinton Hits Jeb Bush First, and Hard, in Speech on Race


July 31, 2015

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Jeb Bush and his aides had envisioned a big, inclusive, high-minded speech about race on Friday in his home state of Florida, a chance to bring his message of colorblind opportunity to a prestigious group of African-American leaders.

In a rare gesture of bipartisanship, Mr. Bush even planned to warmly quote President Obama, usually the object of his derision.

Then Hillary Rodham Clinton stomped all over those plans.

In a biting surprise attack, delivered as Mr. Bush, the former Florida governor, waited backstage here at the annual convention of the National Urban League, Mrs. Clinton portrayed him as a hypocrite….

Finally. That’s my kind of Democratic Party presidential candidate.