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Mike Parson (r) has switched from running for Governor to running for Lieutenant Governor.

His announcement on social media:

…After much conversation with my family, friends, and supporters, we have decided to redirect our campaign toward the office of Lieutenant Governor.

The race is not about me, but it’s about doing what is best for Missouri. It is clear there is more agreement than disagreement among the GOP candidates for Governor regarding the very important economic, social and freedom issues facing Missouri families and businesses. It is also clear that our message of “Positive Politics” would be lost among such a congested field discussing these issues.

I will work closely with the Governor and General Assembly on these issues if elected, but the reason I chose to run in the first place was to change the tone of Missouri politics. The office of Lieutenant Governor serves as the People’s Advocate, focusing on issues facing veterans, the elderly, rural economic development, and education. It is also the perfect platform to be the People’s Advocate for real ethics reform and making the Missouri political system worthy of the respect of Missouri’s citizens….

[emphasis in original]

Uh, his  current primary opponent had $902,767.87 cash on hand at the end of the second quarter. Mike Parson’s (r) $726,729.72 cash on hand for the same period does make this race a little more even match.


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