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Yesterday the right wingnut controlled Kansas Senate voted to increase regressive taxes. The Kansas House will take a look at it.

On Twitter:

Moderate Party of KS ‏@ModerateKS

The ends dont justify the means. The “cons” lied to get elected then passed tax hikes on to working poor #ksleg  10:34 PM – 7 Jun 2015

Yael T. Abouhalkah ‏@YaelTAbouhalkah

Johnson Countians: Your senators just passed largest tax increase ever in KS. (But you can afford it, right?) #ksleg  9:25 PM – 7 Jun 2015

KS Senate Democrats ‏@kssenatedems

The largest tax increase in the history of our state passed earlier this evening. Not a single Democrat voted in favor of it. #ksleg 9:05 PM – 7 Jun 2015

As if any voters will remember that at the next election.


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