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Blind ideology. No demonstrable understanding of objective reality. Meanness.

Senate punts tax debate; House goes home til Monday

Legislature, Brownback struggle to fill $400 million budget deficit

Posted: June 6, 2015 – 11:22pm

The Kansas Senate and House participated in separate versions of legislative paralysis Saturday night while trying to wiggle state government out from under the burden of a $400 million budget deficit.

Inertia was so troublesome that House Majority Leader Jene Vickrey R-Louisburg, adjourned the House until Monday.

The Senate was still scheduled to convene Sunday, but the chamber’s agenda was unclear….


And the rest of civilization understands why:

Justin Henning ‏@jjhenning

I see #ksleg antics made Doonesbury this morning. 7:25 AM – 7 Jun 2015

Governor Sam Brownback (r) [January 2015 file photo].

Yesterday via twitter:

Kent Bush ‏@Kentbush

Who would have ever thought that a bunch of ideologues would have so much trouble governing through a crisis of their own making? #ksleg 11:15 PM – 6 Jun 2015

Five minus two equals seven. There are people who believe that works in Missouri, too.


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