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Gov. Jay Nixon’s Veto of SB 24: “Mean People Suck” (April 30, 2015)

Via Twitter:

Jason Hancock ‏@J_Hancock

Following the Senate vote last night, House just voted 113-42 to override @GovJayNixon veto of welfare bill #moleg 12:05 PM – 5 May 2015

House Communications ‏@MOHOUSECOMM

By a vote of 113-42, #MOHouse approves motion to override veto of SB 24 (Nonmedical Public Assistance). 12:05 PM – 5 May 2015

VirginiaYoung ‏@VirginiaYoung

House has enacted the bill over governor’s veto. Vote was 113-42 — more than the 109 needed and the 111 bill got last time in House. #moleg 12:06 PM – 5 May 2015


Jeremy LaFaver ‏@jeremylafaver

Everybody knows that the best way to strengthen families is to take food away from them. #MOLeg logic. 12:03 PM – 5 May 2015

Jeremy LaFaver ‏@jeremylafaver

A hungry family is a strong family. #MOLeg #sb24 12:09 PM – 5 May 2015

Missouri House Dems ‏@MOLegDems

With override of SB 24, Republicans in #moleg cost the state $400K while taking away food assistance from 6,000 needy kids. Terrible idea. 12:15 PM – 5 May 2015

During the debate:

VirginiaYoung ‏@VirginiaYoung

House speaker @johndiehljr scolded @jeremylafaver for yelling out on floor w/o recognition: “We don’t act like barbarians.” #moleg 11:41 AM – 5 May 2015

A response:

Gina Mitten @gcmitts

Except when cutting benefits to MO’s poor kids….  11:44 AM – 5 May 2015

God and the republican controlled Missouri General Assembly must really love poor and hungry children, they’re making so many of them.