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My Representative in Congress is really working hard.  An April 30th in the morning she tweeted:

With a little over 3 hours sleep due to the NDAA mark up going until 4:37 a.m. this morning, I’m in Ag Committee voting on 2 ag bills.

Let’s look at one the amendments she voted on so early in the morning.

From the Military Times:

By a 32 to 30 vote, members of the House Armed Services Committee stripped provisions from the legislation that would have delayed Defense Department plans to expand the scope of the 2006 Military Lending Act by requiring a new report due next spring on DoD’s rule-making procedures in that regard.

From the Huffington Post,, the day before the vote has a story explaining why this delay would have terrible consequences of predatory lending.

If the banking item is enacted, it would impose a one-year delay on new Department of Defense rules meant to shield military families from abusive terms on payday loans and other forms of high-interest credit. The bill is being considered Wednesday before the House Armed Services Committee.

The military has been struggling with the financial impact of predatory lending on service members for years. A 2014 report issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau documents a host of abuses targeting troops. One family that took out a $2,600 loan ended up paying back $3,966.84 over the course of a year. Another borrower spent $1,428.28 to pay off a $485 loan in just six months. Thousands of service members receive short-term, high-interest loans each year.

Tammy Duckworth, the next Senator from Illinois, saw this and introduced an amendment to strike this delay.

Pelosi’s leader website has the story and the thirty Republicans who voted to delay ending of predatory practices toward our military.

Representative Hartzler, whose district contains two major bases, voted to delay ending predatory lending practices directed at the military she claims to be concerned about.