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Jason Kander’s (d) campaign released a video on the Trans-Pacific Partnership:

The transcript:

Jason Kander (D): Since I started my campaign for the Senate a lot of Missourians have asked me what I think about the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is a bad deal for Missouri, which is why I oppose it. The Obama Administration is negotiating this deal in secret and asking Congress to fast track it before the final details are really known. It’s something so big it could be the biggest trade agreement since NAFTA and yet, the American public really hasn’t had an opportunity to examine it. So I don’t think that Congress should just rubber stamp a trade agenda when so much is at stake. The few details that we actually do know about the proposed TPP demonstrate that it’s likely that more American jobs could be shipped overseas than are actually created here at home. Why would we do that? Let me give you an example as to how it could hurt. Here in Missouri we’ve actually done a pretty tremendous job of revitalizing our auto industry thanks to GM, Ford, our outstanding auto workers, and the Missouri Manufacturing Jobs Act that I cosponsored as a member of the state House. By the end of this year it’s likely that we will have added nearly twenty thousand auto manufacturing or related jobs just in the last five years. So, there’s no reason at all for us to enter into a deal that could stop that progress right in its tracks. The American Automotive Policy Council says that between the years two thousand and twenty-twelve a hundred and eighty thousand vehicles were exported by our country to Japan while Japan sent to us sixteen point three million. Why would we do anything that can make that ratio worse? We should be doing everything that we can to help the American worker, not hurt them. and that’s one of many reasons why I oppose the Trans Pacific-Partnership.

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