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Tom Schweich’s campaign committee made a forty-eight hour reportable campaign contribution to another candidate committee yesterday. At the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C131025 04/01/2015 FRIENDS OF THOMAS LONG Friends of Tom Schweich 3220 w edgewood suite e Jefferson City MO 65109 3/30/2015 $10,000.00

[emphasis added]

Thomas Long’s committee:

C131025: Friends Of Thomas Long

2740 North Mayfair Road H313 Committee Type: Candidate

Springfield Mo 65803 Party Affiliation: Republican

[….] Established Date: 02/01/2013

  Termination Date:


Thomas Long


Election History

Election Year Primary Outcome General Outcome Political Office

2016 Statewide Office


[emphasis added]

Tom Schweich’s committee had reported a little over a million dollars as of December 31st:

C111150: Friends Of Tom Schweich

3220 West Edgewood Ste E Committee Type: Candidate

Jefferson City Mo 65109 Party Affiliation: Republican

(636) 519-9800 Established Date: 08/12/2011

  Termination Date:

Information Reported On: 2015 – January Quarterly Report

Beginning Money on Hand $924,160.09

Monetary Receipts + $85,510.14

Monetary Expenditures – $7,412.14

Contributions Made – $0.00

Other Disbursements – $0.00

Subtotal     $78,098.00

Ending Money On Hand   $1,002,258.09

In addition, Tom Schweich’s campaign had taken in at least an additional $371,506.00 (in amounts over $5,000.00 reportable within forty-eight hours) from the first of the year and the point he announced his gubernatorial campaign.