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We’re shocked.

From Senator Claire McCaskill (D) this morning, via Twitter:

Claire McCaskill ‏@clairecmc

Ted Cruz shouldn’t be criticized for buying private insurance with no govt subsidy on a private ins marketplace.Thats what I did. #obamacare

6:20 AM – 26 Mar 2015

Our senator couldn’t be early morning trolling on the Internets, could she?

The #obamacare tag is a clue.

A small sampling of the responses:

Tina McGugan ‏@TinaMcGugan

@clairecmc True, but you haven’t been grandstanding and bleating about repealing the ACA.

6:23 AM – 26 Mar 2015

Someone (Maybe a Ted Cruze fan?) jumped at the bait:

Tania R Guimaraes ‏@aweiser278

@clairecmc There is a special place in hell for people like you

6:23 AM – 26 Mar 2015

That one alone made it all worthwhile.

Beth Allen ‏@Grdnsewcookread

@clairecmc Wow! There are a lot of dumb people on your TF-

6:58 AM – 26 Mar 2015

No argument there.