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…you did get some answers.

Senator Roy Blunt (r) [August 2013 file photo].

Senator Roy Blunt (r), via Twitter, on Monday:

Senator Roy BluntVerified @RoyBlunt

As we mark #ObamaCare’s 5th anniv today, I’m still fighting to repeal & replace this law w/common-sense solutions [….] 11:25 AM – 23 Mar 2015

People appear to like their Obamacare. Fancy that. A few of the responses:

Lance Finney ‏@LMFinney

@RoyBlunt The ACA lowers costs, increases access, and saves lives. Fighting that isn’t common sense. 11:27 AM – 23 Mar 2015

Austin Allison ‏@azta110790

.@RoyBlunt I have yet to hear you list a single “common-sense solution”. 11:28 AM – 23 Mar 2015

Brad Anderson ‏@bja009

@RoyBlunt How about requiring more transparency in the pricing and billing of healthcare services? Propose that. 11:32 AM – 23 Mar 2015

Ph.D Street Smarts ‏@GOPHatesUsWhy

And take hc from millions who just got it.. real manly of you GOPeers; REALLY, MANLY!! @RoyBlunt 11:34 AM – 23 Mar 2015

Rick Pendleton ‏@Racefan_45

@RoyBlunt what do u have to replace it with or am I just suppose to go without health care insurance at all?????? 11:35 AM – 23 Mar 2015

Brady Shea ‏@bmatthewshea

. @RoyBlunt I would be fine with a single-payer system – replace it with that. (Ha) Until you can give specific solution, please STFU 11:40 AM – 23 Mar 2015

Leslie G. ‏@kckitty

@RoyBlunt I like my healthcare. Because of Obamacare, its cheaper and better! 11:54 AM – 23 Mar 2015

Terry Linhardt ‏@tlinhardt

@RoyBlunt Please list all of your common-sense solutions. Are they on your web site for all to view? 1:27 PM – 23 Mar 2015

Rich Zellich ‏@zellich

@RoyBlunt Don’t repeal it, fix the problems it has. It was a GOP idea in the first place, why do you think it’s wrong now? 6:08 PM – 23 Mar 2015


Don’t you just love social media? It’s taken the old practice of yelling at your television set when somebody on it said something really stupid and given that expression of contempt a giant megaphone in the ether of the electronic public sphere.


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