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What is it with republicans?

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (r) [2015 file photo].

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback talking tax cuts in Missouri


The Star’s Jefferson City correspondent

03/04/2015 1:04 PM 03/04/2015 1:50 PM


Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is taking his tax-slashing message on the road, with two speaking events in Missouri to groups funded by St. Louis billionaire and conservative megadonor Rex Sinquefield.

Wednesday afternoon, Brownback addressed a luncheon sponsored by Grow Missouri, a Sinquefield-funded group founded two years ago to push lawmakers to enact tax cuts for individuals and businesses in the state. The title of the luncheon was “Growing Prosperity for Years to Come,” and Grow Missouri tweeted that Brownback would discuss “his tax policies and how we can adopt them.”

Joining Grow Missouri in sponsoring the luncheon were the Associated Industries of Missouri and the National Federation of Independent Businesses. The event was invitation only, with a representative from Sinquefield’s lobbying firm telling The Star that no media would be allowed. Several lawmakers indicated they planned to attend….


At least we think it reads like he spoke in Jefferson City.

A comment, via Twitter:

Steven Anthony ‏@scanthony14

Pretty sure Gov. Nixon has never gone to speak in Topeka, so why would Gov. Brownback speak in our capital? #BorderWar #MOLeg 12:51 PM – 4 Mar 2015

Uh, he’s following the money since there isn’t any left in Kansas?