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That’s the cruel reality.

An exchange via Twitter with Representative Elijah Haahr (r) on the subject of the Affordable Care Act case before the U.S. Supreme Court:

Elijah Haahr ‏@elijahhaahr

For legal nerds w no time, @BenchMemos summarizes the amicus briefs filed in #KingvBurwell including shout outs to @jadler1969 & @HawleyMO 8:24 AM – 2 Mar 2015

Taunia ‏@TauniaAdams

.@elijahhaahr What do you suggest Missourians on chemo do if they lose HC coverage b/c of #KingvBurwell ? #moleg http://bit.ly/1Gbpils 9:27 AM – 2 Mar 2015

Elijah Haahr ‏@elijahhaahr

@TauniaAdams Since the question of coverage is not before the court, perhaps you could stop scaring people with false rhetoric. 9:40 AM – 2 Mar 2015

Is that an assertion that people won’t lose their coverage due to a lack of affordability? It’s called the Affordable Care Act for a reason.

Taunia ‏@TauniaAdams

.@elijahhaahr “If she can no longer get that subsidy..” she can’t afford coverage. Suggestion? #KingvBurwell #moleg [….] 10:03 AM – 2 Mar 2015

Elijah Haahr ‏@elijahhaahr

.@TauniaAdams Yes. Tell her to lobby Congress & @BarackObama to repeal #Obamacare – a law that has to be read wrongly for her to use it. 10:08 AM – 2 Mar 2015

That “read wrongly” part has yet to be determined. Uh, and with repeal of the ACA what replaces it? Preexisting condition exclusions? Just asking.

Taunia ‏@TauniaAdams

.@elijahhaahr Asking again: what’s your plan for Missourians who lose healthcare coverage if #KingvBurwell sustained? #moleg 10:22 AM – 2 Mar 2015

Elijah Haahr ‏@elijahhaahr

@TauniaAdams Repeal Obamacare and create a system that works without needing the IRS to break the law for it to be effective. 10:25 AM – 2 Mar 2015

What a tool.

Replace it with single payer? Right.

Would that new system the republicans are thinking about include a prohibition of denial of coverage for preexisting conditions, a prohibition of rescission of coverage, eliminate lifetime coverage limits, regulate annual insurance limits, and allow young adults to stay on their parents’ coverage until age 26? Oh, wait.

Taunia ‏@TauniaAdams

.@elijahhaahr Repeal #ACA, replace w/ non-existing GOP HC plan; about 2/3 years. What do chemo patients do during? #KingvBurwell #moleg 10:50 AM – 2 Mar 2015

There’s an answer. Die.