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* From the 2013-2014 Missouri “Blue Book” available online from the Missouri Secretary of State web site.

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder (r) [file photo]

Thu Feb 19, 2015 at 09:37 AM PST

Missouri Lt. Gov says his $86,000 salary has left him ‘impoverished,’ requests daily allowance

by Jen Hayden

Small government lover and fiscally conservative-minded Pete Kinder says his $86,000 just isn’t enough.


Uh, shouldn’t you have thought about that when you were deciding whether to run for reelection?

And social media runs with it:

Dr. Brad Bradshaw ‏@bradshawformo

Missourians, we ask you-could you live on $86k/year, or is that too close to the poverty line? #PoorPeter [….]2:44 PM – 19 Feb 2015

Tom and Julie ‏@WelovekctjTom

@RyanSilvey any ideas to cover @PeterKinder allowance? Does he have a chore chart? 12:58 PM – 19 Feb 2015

Stanford Griffith ‏@StanfordAlan

#Missouri Lt. Gov @PeterKinder says his $86K #salary left him ‘impoverished’ [….]  Wish I made 1/3 that and had benefits. 3:00 PM – 19 Feb 2015

Holly Atkinson ‏@EditorHolly

Proud day for Missouri. Our Lt. Gov earns $86k a year, and he wants a raise! Average MO household makes $50k/year. 11:16 AM – 19 Feb 2015

Yeah, that went over really well.