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Richard Mayhew at Balloon Juice:

….2001 to 2015 contains an interesting case study of policy implementation and formulation by reactionaries and liberals in the United States.  The liberal policy project was to greatly expand health insurance coverage while reducing total societal cost growth of health care spending.  The conservative goal was to break and remake Iraq.  One is succeeding, the other is a Hydra headed cluster-fuck….


….any one who cheerleaded for the invasion of Iraq and believed that there was exclusively Good News ™ and painted schools in Iraq for the first decade of this century and then argues that a fairly straightforward health care coverage expansion is impossible should be ignored as they’ve proven that they have anti-judgement.

This, this, a thousand times this.

Sarah Felts ‏@sarahfelts

#JonStewart on #BrianWilliams’s suspension: “Finally someone is being held to account for misleading America about the Iraq War.” 9:41 PM – 10 Feb 2015

Don’t hold your breath for more.