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Senator Claire McCaskill (D) asked an existential question via Twitter yesterday:

Claire McCaskill ‏@clairecmc

Question? Who is bigger threat to America? The dreamers? Or ISIS? 12:30 PM – 29 Jan 2015

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) [file photo – 2012].

A sampling of some of the answers:

michael t. ‏@mikevember

@clairecmc Corrupt Politicians are the biggest threat, the scum of the earth runs this nation. #BoughtCongress 2:32 PM – 29 Jan 2015

If you’ve been following general polling on opinions about Congress that sentiment shouldn’t surprise you.

Ed Smith ‏@esmith326

@clairecmc I’ll take C) #ClimateChange, as the Pentagon calls it a threat multiplier creating political instability worldwide. 12:34 PM – 29 Jan 2015

But, but, in the spirit of comity and bipartisan compromise we really shouldn’t go there. If we talk about this it could upset the know-nothing lunatic fringe. We need to always respectfully consider their feelings and sincerely held beliefs.

Justice for all! ‏@msdtweeter

@clairecmc ISIS is a bunch of guys riding in Jeeps (furnished by the US) 8,000 miles away. Why do I have to pay for an expensive war? 12:36 PM – 29 Jan 2015

There is that.

Ross Freeman ‏@cape_townie

“@clairecmc: Question? Who is bigger threat to America? The dreamers? Or ISIS?” Very dumbed down question for a complex issue, Senator 12:37 PM – 29 Jan 2015

In modern America anything is apt to be dissected in 140 characters or less. It’s what passes for serious discourse these days.

Caryn Rose ‏@carynrose

@clairecmc my uterus, based on the way some republicans behave 12:39 PM – 29 Jan 2015


PS ‏@Pie324

@clairecmc the Saint Louis police 12:40 PM – 29 Jan 2015


RandyV ‏@Randy_VTEC

@clairecmc the gov. 12:40 PM – 29 Jan 2015

We can thank Ronald Raygun for that.

newnie ‏@newnie

@clairecmc Nice false dichotomy. Racist, Bigots, corrupt government leaders who bend to the will of the ultra-rich are all bigger threats. 12:57 PM – 29 Jan 2015

It’s the system we have. Look! Over there! A shiny bauble…

Dave Warren ‏@SjlWarren

@clairecmc None of the above. YOU are. 1:19 PM – 29 Jan 2015

Again, thank you, Ronald Raygun.

Danny Nero ‏@danero

@clairecmc What ever possessed you to vote for that disaster-waiting-to-happen XL Pipeline?! You’re in very bad company! 4:10 PM – 29 Jan 2015

Yeah, there is that, too.


Claire McCaskill’s doomed love affair with Keystone XL (January 29, 2015)