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Yesterday at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C071362 01/24/2015 CITIZENS FOR STEVE STENGER Drury Development Corporation 721 Emerson Rd., Ste. 200 St Louis MO 63141 1/24/2015 $7,500.00

[emphasis added]

C061248 01/24/2015 FRIENDS OF RICK STREAM Dempsey for Missouri Two Westbury Drive St Charles MO 63301 10/25/2014 $7,500.00

[emphasis added]

The St. Louis County Executive race is a thing of the past. Rick Stream (r) is now running for the seat in the 15th Senate District in 2016.

Meanwhile, it’s been a good month for St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger (D):

C071362 01/13/2015 CITIZENS FOR STEVE STENGER The Devereux Company 9216 Clayton Rd. Ste. 105 St Louis MO 63124 1/12/2015 $15,000.00

C071362 01/16/2015 CITIZENS FOR STEVE STENGER UA Political Education Committee Three Park Place Annapolis MD 21401 1/16/2015 $50,000.00

C071362 01/20/2015 CITIZENS FOR STEVE STENGER Mallard LLC P.O. Box 9173 St Louis MO 63117 1/20/2015 $15,000.00

[emphasis added]

Perpetual campaign fundraising.