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From Representative Jeremy LaFaver (D):

Jeremy LaFaver ‏@jeremylafaver

Just passed a colleague carrying a bullet-proof vest into the Capitol. #MOLegn 2:38 PM – 7 Jan 2015

One of the replies:

Brian K ‏@Briligerent

@jmaz @jeremylafaver People just leave guns in the restroom, so doesn’t seem like an unreasonable response. 4:22 PM – 7 Jan 2015

Earlier in the day, from Eli Yokley (observing the reading the Bill of Rights in the House):

Eli Yokley ‏@eyokley

Was half expecting a legislator to pull out his/her concealed gun and fire a blank in the air when they read the Second Amendment. #MOLeg 1:30 PM – 7 Jan 2015

And, a reply:

Wayne Johnson ‏@WJohnson68

@eyokley Although, I wouldn’t have completely dismissed the possibility of live ammo. 1:58 PM – 7 Jan 2015