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In the St. Louis County Executive race:

4:46 pm Thu December 18, 2014

Stream Seeks Recount In Loss To Stenger For County Executive

By Jo Mannies

Republican Rick Stream waited until the deadline to go to court Thursday and request a recount in the close contest he lost Nov. 4 for St. Louis County executive.

Stream lost by fewer than 1,800 votes to Democrat Steve Stenger, who is to be sworn in on Jan. 1….


That’s cutting it a little close (the timeline part).

Meanwhile, via the Missouri Ethics Commission, the campaigns are restocking:

C061248 12/05/2014 FRIENDS OF RICK STREAM Friends of John Diehl 2404 White Stable Rd Town and Country MO 63131 12/5/2014 $65,000.00

C061248 12/14/2014 FRIENDS OF RICK STREAM Lewis & Clark Ozarks Mountain Forum 1736 E Sunshine St Ste 402 Springfield MO 65804 12/12/2014 $25,000.00

[emphasis added]


C071362 12/16/2014 CITIZENS FOR STEVE STENGER Thompson Coburn LLP One US Bank Plaza St Louis MO 63101 12/16/2014 $10,000.00

C071362 12/21/2014 CITIZENS FOR STEVE STENGER Express Scripts, Inc. One Express Way St Louis MO 63121 12/19/2014 $15,000.00

[emphasis added]

Does anyone recall any past St. Louis County races with a reversal of close to 2,000 votes in a recount? I didn’t think so.

Rick Stream’s (r) campaign must have a really interesting theory of election day ballot counting and the post election day certification in St. Louis County.


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