I like to read science fiction and find William Govson, one of the originators of the cyberpunk movement, a more or less consistently interesting writer. I just finished reading Gibson’s latest novel, The Peripheral, which offers one more version of the dystopian future that he specializes in imagineing.

The novel describes two places one in the U.S. in a more or less near future and another in London seventy odd years latter. The first offers a picture of an econmically and politically disolving U.S. where a Hefty-mart (a stand-in for Walmart) has monopolized commerce, and the impoverished 99%  join the army or manage to scrape a living by “building” illegal drugs or scrounging a hand-to-mouth living working in service  or 3-D printing manfufacturies (also run by “Hefty-mart”). Government is for purchase and corporate gangsters run the show.

The future isn’t much better. The 20% of the world population that survived, the “jackpot,” the confluence of the diverse physical, economic, political and social disasters set in motion by escalating climate change, already in process in the novel’s earlier future,