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Our friends at Progress Missouri (no, that’s not us) sponsored a progressive summit in Columbia, Missouri on December 5th and 6th. There were a number of workshops and panels over the course of the two day event. We participated in a panel on new media on Saturday morning (more on that later) and also attended several of the other sessions.

The first panel session on Saturday morning titled “How to Not Be a Terrible Advocate: Advocacy from Targets’ Perspectives” (when you go to Jefferson City to talk to someone in the capitol) included Violet Marcel, Representative Randy Dunn (D), Greta Bax, and Representative Tracy McCreery (D).

(left to right) Violet Marcel, Rep. Randy Dunn (D), and Greta Bax.

Representative Tracy McCreery (D).

The short answer: know your stuff and don’t be a jerk.

Michelle Trupianao spoke on Medicaid Expansion on behalf of the Missouri Medicaid Coalition in early afternoon sessions.

Michelle Trupiano.

The organizer watched the proceedings:

Sean Soendker Nicholson, Executive Director of Progress Missouri.

One of the late afternoon sessions was “Rehabilitation or Incarceration: Drug Policy Reform as a Social Justice Issue”. Former NPR affiliate reporter LeShea Agnew recounted her chilling story.

Former NPR affiliate reporter LeShea Agnew.

Mustafa Abdullah, ACLU Program Associate.


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