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Yesterday, doubling down via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler

House just passed the Secret Science Reform Act to require EPA to disclose the science used to justify regulations so it can be verified. 2:19 PM – 19 Nov 2014

The responses are the usual priceless:

James McIninch ‏@james_mcininch

@RepHartzler The joke’s on them because if there’s anything Congress can’t stand and consistently ignores, it’s science. #readtheliterature 2:36 PM – 19 Nov 2014

James McIninch ‏@james_mcininch

@RepHartzler Holy crap! Just read the bill! It replaces scientists at the EPA with non-scientist industry “experts”. Morons or traitors? 3:57 PM – 19 Nov 2014

Good question.

Dan Arel ‏@danarel

.@RepHartzler verified by who? You? You dont even know the difference between weather and climate. You’re simply a functioning idiot. 5:37 PM – 19 Nov 2014

Clueless Troll ‏@CluelessTroll

@RepHartzler you don’t believe in or respect science, so what’s the difference… 5:50 PM – 19 Nov 2014

Varuka Salt ‏@Varuka

.@RepHartzler And now you just passed a bill demanding the EPA’s science? Why? You deny science already, how would more help you? 6:45 PM – 19 Nov 2014

Jayelle ‏@GreenEyedLilo

.@RepHartzler How about disclosing which corporations funded the few scientific studies you like, understand, and approve of? 6:50 PM – 19 Nov 2014

We’d be speechless if we were surprised.


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