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The current representative in the 96th Legislative District is term limited out for the 2016 election. Someone else is ready to run.

Via the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C141193 11/07/2014 COMMITTEE TO ELECT DAVID GREGORY Janet Gregory 5539 Pine Wood Forest St Louis MO 63128 Homemaker Homemaker 11/6/2014 $5,001.00

C141193 11/10/2014 COMMITTEE TO ELECT DAVID GREGORY David Gregory 5539 Pine Wood Forest 5539 Pine Wood Forest St. Louis MO 63128 Attorney Attorney 11/10/2014 $5,001.00

[emphasis added]

C141193: Committee To Elect David Gregory

5539 Pine Wood Forest Committee Type: Candidate

St Louis Mo 63128 Party Affiliation: Republican

[….] Established Date: 04/07/2014


Election History

Election Year Primary Outcome General Outcome Political Office

2016 State Representative District 96

This is how you do it, pearl clutching amateur political punditry aside. It’s never too soon. You can’t decide to run for public office at the last minute and expect to win.

A candidate can always raise more money, they can always acquire more volunteers, they can always print more campaign literature and buy more signs. What they can’t get is more time. Think about it.