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It’s interesting watching the back and forth in social media over the election.

Here’s the thing, if you didn’t bother to vote on Tuesday and it wasn’t because a substantive physical impediment was placed in your path, no matter how much you protest otherwise, you’re just lazy.

And please, voter ID laws in various states are designed to put substantive barriers to voting in place. If you try to start an argument here that voter ID laws are needed to combat voter impersonation fraud you’re an idiot. Anyone who has worked a polling place on election day knows that the process in a polling location makes voter impersonation fraud a very risky enterprise for anyone who would attempt it. As if that risk is worth one vote in an election?

You were offended by all those mud slinging attack ads? They were designed to offend you so that you wouldn’t bother voting. The people who promote and use those ads want to encourage laziness. It’s all about suppressing voter turnout. If you want to make those ads stop get off your ass and vote. If everyone voted the very reason for the existence of those very, very expensive ads is gone. They people who pay for those ads may be cynical and vindictive, but they’re not stupid. They don’t waste money on things that don’t work. They’re expecting that voters are too lazy to figure that one out.

If you say you don’t like what either of the major parties stand for and say that’s why you don’t vote, you’re just lazy. Because if you weren’t lazy what you could do is go to your polling place on Election Day, pull a ballot, not mark it (that’s technically called an “undervote”), and turn it in.

Consider this – nationwide 38% of registered voters (not people eligible to register to vote – that’s a larger group) cast ballots in the election. The nationwide split of the vote cast for the two major parties was approximately 52%-48%. Do the math if you’re not lazy.

Spare me the “they just didn’t give me a reason to vote” excuse. You don’t need an excuse to vote, unless you’re lazy.

If close to 100% of registered voters pulled ballots and only 19% cast votes for the prevailing issue or candidate we’d laugh in their faces if anyone tried to claim that they “won” or they had a “mandate”.

If you didn’t pull a ballot on Tuesday and there was no physical impediment to your doing so, I don’t want to know you.