Ed Kilgore, responding to Charles Krauthammer’s triumphalist victory dance claim that Americans “spoke” last Tuesday and put finis to “Obamaism,” or, in other words, progressive politics:

No, Charles, 38% of eligible voters “spoke,” in a tilted battleground, and 52% of them voted Republican while 48% did not. It was a big defeat for Democrats, of course, but not the end of the Thirty Years War. Get a grip.

Remember this when the GOP bad boys start their strutting their butt-ugly stuff in your vicinity. We’ve gone through this routine before – we managed to survive eight years of George Bush, six of them when he had Republican legislative support. Just barely, it’s true; we still haven’t totally climbed out of the economic swamp he and his created, while the fact of an actual, living, breathing African-American in the White House may have served to deepen parts of the social swamp – or at least scare its mud-dwelling denizens enough that they’ve shown us just who they are. But, thanks to “Obamaism,” the set of political policies Krauthammer fears so mightily, we’ve undone lots of the damage GOPers did and we can do it again.

Why is this important? 2016 and payback for the GOP is coming on the way, and we’ve got to start getting ready to deliver it big-time right now.

And while we’re at it, stop playing into GOP hands by  dissing the President – he’s a good part of the reason we’re not standing in bread lines right now, not to mention our only bulwark against the GOP crazies and bag men who think they’re taking control next January. From where I’m sitting “Obamaism” may not be perfect, but it’s been pretty good to most of us – and the president who is responsible for the cute label still has two years to go.

* 2nd 4th paragraph slightly edited.