Republicans won big in Missouri last night. Except in those areas where the last gerrymander dictated a few Democratic wins. Lots of those wins were in the St. Louis area. One Democratic win that was not as obviously part of the fix that otherwise gave the state to Republicans (and, I know, you can’t give something to folks if you don’t want them to have it – shame on you Missuriansj), was the 24th district state senatorial race between Jill Schupp and John “Jay” Ashcroft. Schupp won. Yaay!

The conventional wisdom (at least the opining of those conventional souls accessible to me) was that the race could have gone to the dogs the GOP just as easily. The same conventional types give some credit for Schupp’s win to the over-the-top nastiness that her opponent resorted to late in the race he sent out mailers and sponsored TV ads that practically accused her of aiding and abetting child sexual predators. He based these absurd claims on Schupp’s votes in the Missouri House on a few pieces of complex and imperfect legislation. As the St. Louis Post-Dispatach [ put it with tasteful understatement,  “the race turned nasty toward the end and turned some voters off.”