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Tonight there is a Art Walk in my town. I went out to see what was happening and met my representative in Jefferson City, Denny Hoskins.  He will be the next Speaker Pro Tem.

I have wanted to ask him for awhile the contradiction between his position on being pro-life and his opposition to Medicaid Expansion.

Our brief exchange below the fold.

We know each.  He was going to his office, so I knew the conservation would have to be brief.

I began by confirming he is “pro-life”.  He responded that he is.

I then asked: Isn’t Medicaid expansion pro-life?

He said no.

I responded to that “no” by asking incredulously “Isn’t providing health insurance to the working poor pro-life?”

As he goes into his office he says with an ironic tone, “I thought Obamacare will save us all.”

I noted “Medicaid Expansion is Obamacare.” He repeated what he said.

I have no idea whether he is really so stupid that he doesn’t know Medicaid expansion is an important component of Obamacare or not.  He will be one of the leaders in the Missouri House.

Given how quick his response came, I suspect he is.  

Whatever his intelligence is, it seems Republicans like him will do nothing in Missouri to expand Medicaid and help Obamacare be a success.