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Via Twitter from Speaker Pro Tem Denny Hoskins (R):

Denny Hoskins, CPA ‏@DLHoskins

Discussed #moleg education funding priorities w/ @UCentralMO board of governors today. I wish @GovJayNixon wouldn’t have vetoed $101k 4 UCM! 12:17 PM – 19 Sep 2014

And a succinct reply:

John L. Davidson ‏@jdavidsonlawyer

@DLHoskins @UCentralMO maybe you shouldn’t have voted for all those irresponsible tax cuts. 2:41 PM – 19 Sep 2014

It’s called chutzpah.

Gee, show up to a University of Central Missouri Board of Governors meeting and commiserate with them over those terrible cuts which you facilitated?

Except, they didn’t buy it the last time:

Rep. Denny Hoskins (r) to UCM on HB 253: I don’t care, I’d rather be the new Speaker Pro Tem (August 24, 2013)


Marvin “Bunky” Wright, President, University of Central Missouri Board of Governors:  ….Uh, the board has discussed at great length this whole situation. You can refer to it as a difference in philosophy, frankly, I don’t care what you refer to it as. Uh, this board has got responsibility of this University. And I’ve seen President Ambrose, the faculty, the staff, everybody cut to the core budgetwise in the last three years. Uh, the last thing we need is a further crunch because of political differences. There isn’t any political difference when it comes to higher education when we’ve got responsibility. And we would ask that the two of you [Rep. Hoskins and Senator Pearce], uh, do not support the position of overriding this veto. I mean, we can’t sit back and wonder who’s right or wrong, because some money’s gonna go by the wayside. And whatever it is is gonna hurt us. So, you know, we would ask you to support this University which is in your district and the people. We think we’re one of the best universities in the state. I happen to think it is the best. A lot of it is due to the help of people like you. And we’re asking you again, and I’d like to go on record for this board as requesting that you support us, uh, in this override session. We appreciate you coming in very much. If you ever have any questions, why, give us a call. We’ll try to answer them.

Representative Denny Hoskins (r): Thank you.


Fool them once, shame on you. Fool them twice, can’t get fooled again.