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Great moments in political branding:

Jeff Mazur ‏@jmaz

Informing fellow #Mizzou X Lot tailgaters that #GrowMO blimp hovering above is part of dope legalization campaign. [….] 1:21 PM – 20 Sep 2014

Scott Charton ‏@ScottCharton

@jmaz One of Rex’s consultants Tweeted that he is piloting. Does that make Rex head of the Joint chiefs? 4:02 PM – 20 Sep 2014

Scott Howes ‏@tmsnbb

Pit stop in Cape [….] #GrowMO #Missouri should let the farmers grow hemp to make money 10:27 AM – 19 Sep 2014

Sean Nicholson ‏@ssnich

Real texts as #GrowMO blimp arrives in Jeff City: “Can’t read what is says…” “Looks like it is going to crash at any moment.” 3:59 PM – 19 Sep 2014

Sarah Nussbaum ‏@saratastic

I want to legalize marijuana as well! #GrowMo 4:48 PM – 20 Sep 2014