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And that’s as it should be. If only everyone in public service told it as they see it.

Representative Chris Kelly (D) on the floor of the House [file photo].

Rudi Keller, today, in the Columbia Tribune:

No filter: Outspoken Rep. Kelly closes legislative career in upcoming veto session

….On one occasion, McCaskill said, the Capitol Building was filled with abortion opponents. “Chris respected that they had a different opinion than he did, and he wanted to demonstrate that, so he walked around all day carrying a coat hanger. Only Chris Kelly would have the courage to show that he disagreed with someone’s position in a way that was that powerful.”

His point that day, Kelly said, was that legislation would not stop abortions, only drive them underground. “To make that point, I brought out the coat hanger,” he said….

Go. Read the whole thing.

Representative Chris Kelly (D)  – media interview in a Capitol hallway [file photo].


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