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On Twitter tonight:

Kevin Horrigan ‏@OldSport

If @GovJayNixon does tomorrow’s state fair ham breakfast and doesn’t get some smarter policing in #Ferguson, could be a new low. 9:10 PM – 13 Aug 2014

Tony Wyche ‏@tonywyche

Gov Nixon, NOW is the time to step up. In the absence of leadership we get chaos. National aspirations or not, here’s your chance. #Ferguson 9:42 PM – 13 Aug 2014

Tony Messenger ‏@tonymess

Every ounce of leadership legacy earned by @GovJayNixon after #Joplin tornado is being sucked away by the #Ferguson vortex. Engage dammit. 9:46 PM – 13 Aug 2014

Philip Rucker ‏@PhilipRucker

Gov. Jay Nixon had been itching to expand his national profile, even eyeing 2016 run. His being AWOL tonight prob won’t help. #Ferguson 9:40 PM – 13 Aug 2014

Jay Rosen ‏@jayrosen_nyu

Where is the governor of Missouri? @GovJayNixon.10:00 PM – 13 Aug 2014

Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid

You can’t just suspend the constitution in an American city. Who’s in charge in #Ferguson?? 9:48 PM – 13 Aug 2014

Oh, my.