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There’s a blurb by the stenographer on Attorney General Chris Koster and some fallout on Amendment 1 in the Kansas City Star:

Steve Kraske: Chris Koster hits his first speed bump on the road to Missouri governor


The Kansas City Star

08/08/2014 3:42 PM

….In recent days, two longtime party leaders – former lieutenant governor Joe Maxwell and former state senator Joan Bray – have questioned Koster’s bona fides for the state’s highest office….

….Bray and Maxwell, known for his work on elderly and children’s issues, pointed to Koster’s public support of the controversial “right to farm” amendment that appears to have narrowly passed. Critics, including Maxwell, called the amendment a sellout to corporate and foreign interests.

Koster backed the “right to bear arms” amendment that passed with National Rifle Association backing but that many Democrats opposed. Koster has long enjoyed NRA support….

Bad Democrat, bad, bad Democrat.

Dude, the speed bumps have always been there.

Here’s the thing. As one Democrat told me a long time ago [paraphrased], “There are maybe eight thousand party activist Democrats who vote in the primary. There are several hundred thousand other voters who cast ballots in that same party primary.”  

Interestingly, the stenographer didn’t bother to mention this:

4:15 pm Fri August 1, 2014

Kander Joins Koster In Backing ‘Right To Farm’ Amendment

By Jason Rosenbaum

Secretary of State Jason Kander is throwing his supporting behind the so-called “right to farm” amendment. Friday afternoon Kander’s office sent out a statement indicating that he will vote for Amendment 1….

….”I served with Jason in the Legislature, and expected more from him,” said [Wes] Shoemyer, the president of the anti-Amendment 1 group Missouri’s Food for America….

Here’s another thing. The Democratic Party statewide candidates we get are not always the Democratic Party statewide candidates we want. In the end the choice in November 2016 is probably going to be between the Democratic Party nominee we have and a right wingnut republican. I may not be particularly thrilled about it, but I know how I’ll vote.