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Does the DNR set a limit for members of the General Assembly that one blogger is allowed to bait into making an ass of themselves?

If so I have probably reached it and have to catch-and-release for the rest of the year instead of gutting them, and I’m sorry but that ain’t why my Grandpa taught me to fish or why my Grandma taught me to play political hardball and play for keeps.

I’ve been venting my spleen about the selfishness of too many Missourians who will vote to spite themselves if it might help those people. You know…those people. The ones who live in Kansas City and St. Louis who don’t look like us….since the Hancock Amendment was adopted by a majority of the voters in November of 1980. Last night was nothing new, save the medium.

Facebook just makes it too easy. We really should send that nice young Zuckerberg fellow a fruit and nut basket for Hanukkah. Last night the back-stabbing traitor Keith English took the bait and was runnin’ down the river before I sat my ass back down in the boat.

Blue Girl

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I’m surrounded not so much by idiots, but by fuckheads. The sort of fuckheads who are so enamored of farming they think their grand-pappies had to git thems shootin’ iron down from over the wood-stove to make it to the barn ta milk Bossy, so they rushed right out to the polls to give the state to Chinese CAFOs. You morons deserve the sewer you’re going to be living with in a few short years.

And maybe if the tea folk would take their pocket-constitutions out and break the binding, they would find that the “firearms nullification” amendment that y’all couldn’t wait to vote “yes” on is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, a violation of the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution, and will cost us a few million (that we can ill-afford after Keith English’s duplicitous act of treachery and public fellatio on the floor of the General Assembly on Rex Sinquefield) in legal fees.

Way to go. You should all, each and every one, go back to your high schools and apologize to your teachers for wasting their time. YOU are not why they dedicated their lives to teaching. You shouldn’t even be getting out of bed without a helmet. You are why the rest of us can’t have nice things, tho.

He took the bait faster than Casey Guernsey did. As Michael says, it’s not smart to rise to the bait and get into a fight with someone who buys electrons by the terabyte.

Keith English · 13 mutual friends

Tammy, look at the votes across the state tonight.. NO NEW TAXES! And I believe the wasteful spending must stop. People are taxed out of their homes and businesses. Wages have not gone up, properties at an all time high of loss and taxes keep going up. As a proud Democrat im standing tall and saying No More. Lets work together and fix Missouri!

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I guess Facebook tagged him because I typed his name and we have more than ten friends in common or something. I honestly didn’t mean to tag him. That time. Keep reading.

ME: I didn’t mean to tag you, and wouldn’t piss on you if you were ablaze in front of me, you Sinquefield Sycophant. TAXES BUY CIVILIZATION!!!!! PAY THEM!!! You dumbfuck.

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ME: Stop calling yourself a Democrat. You’re a mewling fucking coward. Switch parties already. We hate you.

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He doesn’t try to defend his vote betrayal and backstabbing vote. I hope he thinks about it every time he pays for a front-end alignment, because roads don’t fix themselves and DOT construction jobs aren’t “welfare” or “wasteful spending.” Neither is money for schools. No, instead of defending his vote, he attacks me personally.

Keith English · 13 mutual friends

Wow! Such big words from an uneducated witch

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Seriously, Dude? That’s the best you got? Wow. And to think I already felt sorry for your constituents…Such grandiose, gender-gased condescension from such a needy little man…

ME: First, I’m not uneducated; second, I’m a BITCH, with witch tendencies. Get it right.

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Keith English · 13 mutual friends

Must always be that time of the month for you! I will pray for you. God bless Tammy

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Seriously?!?!? Wow…Moving on, because the last thing I need is another aneurysm, and 40 years of this sort of nonsense may be why I had the first one…

ME: I love it! It’s always a case of our hormones if we don’t see it your way, isn’t it? GMAFB…Sometimes, you dudes are just idiots. You, dude, are just an idiot. Pray for yourself.

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And then, he got personal. Vicious and personal on a gender-based level that keeps women from taking their place in the world. Men feel threatened intellectually, so they attack on that level. Nice. Not all men, but enough men that all women experience some form of it. Last night, I experienced it with a sitting member of the Missouri General Assembly. Roll that around in your head for a minute. Then keep reading.

Keith English · 13 mutual friends

I see on your fb you have no children.. Your pro choice I see. Good (emphasis added)

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Wow. What a monstrous thing to say to another human being, especially a middle-aged woman. I suspect he intended his words to wound deeply, that he hoped there was a tragic reason and not just my privacy settings for why you can’t see my family. I was frankly taken aback. I remember a time when such an underbred, ill-mannered whelp would have been laughed at for daring to think he was worthy of a seat in the General Assembly. Now, it seems, they’ll let just anybody in. It’s sad, really.

ME: Well, you are neither my preist, my rabbi nor my therapist…nor my physician, nor is my family life any of your concern or business, especially since I’m not your constituent, but my husband of 33 years and I raised three children who are all adults now and we are helping raise our grandchild, since our daughter has had health problems the last year…not that it’s any of your business. I just don’t show my age because I married well and my husband and kids didn’t age me.

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Darned “enter” key posts before I’m ready sometimes when I’m on a roll…

ME Oh — and if YOU’RE going to call someone an “uneducated witch” you might want to make sure that you use the right homophone if you decide to keep the pissing match going on down the thread. Someone is uneducated here, and it ain’t me, so for everyone’s edification, let’s have a grammar lesson… “yore” is a long time ago, “your” is something that you possess and “you’re” is what you meant to hurl as your little insult…”you’re pro choce” would be correct, not “your pro choice” unless you are talking about literature, t-shirts, etc.

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A friend weighed in:

C-MF: bahaha. Keith English is just a troll.

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Another friend, a fifth-grade teacher, also weighed in:

SG: I love how he spouts vacant talking points. “people are taxed out of their homes and businesses” REALLY? I know lots of people who don’t make much money (myself included) and no one’s lost their home BECAUSE OF TAXES. Ridiculous!

“taxes keep going up” Oh my gosh!!! Someone do something about these scary, unstoppable taxes! Except, actually we’re 18th lowest in the nation.

Never anything concrete, just more fear-mongering.

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I do know a couple of empty-nesters who decided they could live better in a bungalow in Brookside than 14 rooms in Coleman Highlands or Valentine. I do not consider these people to be living under the yoke of hardship.

ME: Yeah, I’ve never met one of these people who is taxed out of their home or business — and if they are, it’s because the taxes were shifted downward to the local level because that damn Hancock Amendment put the state in a chokehold before I was even old enough to vote. I don’t think taxes are too low in Missouri…I think Services are.

By the way, I will only say this nice once — apologize for mentioning my family, and never mention them, or anyone elses, in such a disrespectful and childish manner, ever again.

This time I mean to tag you, Keith English.

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The more I thought about how quickly he went to gender and fertility with, I think, the intention of inflicting maximum hurt, that special kind of pain that only women feel — the angrier I got. And I will say it again…the fact that women are attacked for their gender keeps good women out of not just politics but many-most! male-dominated fields. Anyway, I had a bit more to say…

ME: What if I didn’t have three adult children? What if we had struggled with infertility for years? What if some horrible tragedy had snatched away the lives of a person’s children, and you said “I see from your fb you have no children good” — what a monstrous void where your soul should dwell. And you offered to pray for me..what unmitigated gall…what arrogance…what, no, not balls…

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Another friend friend weighed in:

MW: If Keith English is a Democrat it’s only as a legacy of the old Dixiecrats like Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond and the rest of that godawful bunch. Apparently English didn’t notice that after the Southern Strategy in the 60’s, the Dixiecrats became Republicans. What a pathetic little man.

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And since he and I are what the sociologists call an age cohort. (Who sounds uneducated now?)

Men don’t have to argue facts with women, they just have to attack them for being women.

ME: Notice how the FIRST place he went with me was to call me a witch and start the sexist attacks. And he is an elected representative of the people! The audacity of hurling his “no children good” insult — that just burns me up, can you tell? — and his “your time of the month” (I’m 51. It’s never my time of the month.) Still, that I’ve put up with that shit for 40 years is enough. I’m not slapping hands anymore, I’m taking them off.

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He did have a damn good suggestion though…I will be getting hold of Mary Sanchez and showing her the screen grabs.

MW: [BG], do a screen capture immediately because I’d bet that a lot of his female constituents would be interested in his “time of the month” comment and even ignorant as he is, he’ll want to claw back that remark pretty quickly.  You should have a lot of fun with this one for a while. Maybe Mary Sanchez at the KC Star would be interested in writing an editorial about legislators who think women who disagree must be on their periods.

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Yep, you’re reading it…

ME: The post is going up at Show Me Progress as we speak and the screen grabs are on my hard drive, my phone my tablet and a flash drive.

Reactionaries come up with tactics. Amateurs plot strategy. Professionals think about logistics. I’m a professional.

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I guess my friend had hit refresh since I had…

MW: Already pulled his comments, did he?

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ME Not yet, I’m just three steps ahead of him if he does.

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MW: He just blocked me then.

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MW Damn. I looked at his Facebook page and didn’t even get the chance to tell him that he likes the kind of Country music that is preferred by guys who condescendingly refer to constituents as “Joe Six Pack” without thinking twice about what they’re saying. His musical taste sucks & I find that just as reprehensible.

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Oh…don’t think I won’t…

ME: He’s pulled them now, and I have all of them but the first one. I guess I will have to post the screengrabs to Flickr and Photobucket. I’m going to have more fun with the fact he pulled them than I would have if he had left them up.

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ME In fairness Mike, we run with a crowd that, if a sex tape was out there, we would know it because it would have been available at the merch table at some point since 1989. But if their PandoraOne stations ever got out, they would die of mortification.

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Michael has something he says in these situations, but I’ll leave it to him to comment, It just seems like self promotion if I say it.